EFTM BEST 2015 – Best Game: Crossy Road

I first played Crossy Road in November 2014, so you might be wondering how it makes the cut for Best of 2015.  Well, that’s easy – I make the rules for a start:)


Sure it made it big at the end of 2014, but it’s had a lasting legacy.  Plus, our last awards were mid-2014 so we can’t skip over what’s happened since then.

This game is addictive, fun, can be played without getting sucked into an in-app purchase nightmare.

Aussie developed, and the gents behind it have gone on to make some other cracking great apps too.

Plus, pushing it over the edge for Best Game 2015 – Apple TV and being featured at the announcement keynote in San Francisco.

To Matt and Andy who I first spoke to over a year ago now on the Your Tech Life podcast – congratulations, you’ve made a game for all generations, across a wide range of platforms – a credit to you.

And, the EFTM Best Award for Best Game.


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