There are so many laptops in the market it’s always hard to find something special. Something new, something innovative. That’s why the EFTM Best Awards are based on what has struck a chord with us over the year.


Like our Best Game – Crossy Road, the winner of Best Laptop made its debut in 2014 – after our 2014 Awards, but importantly has stuck strong in 2015 as a great performer on the sales floor and as a workhorse for any owner.

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is our Best Laptop of 2015.

That amazing hinge is unchallenged in the laptop market when it comes to design innovation. Even Microsoft’s much more recent SurfaceBook has a funky hinge, but it seems big and clunky compared to the watch-band like hinge on the Yoga 3 Pro.


As well as that, it’s a genuine 3-in-1 with tablet mode, laptop mode and “tent mode” making it great for many occasions.

Yep, the SurfaceBook is good, but it’s bulk just didn’t win me over, and probably the closest challenger was the MacBook – so thin, so small, so snappy and the Force Touch trackpad – but – ahead of it’s time with USB-C I think, so overall the award goes to the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.

It’s a great machine, and worthy of our EFTM Best Laptop Award for 2015.