At the pointing end of the EFTM Best Award announcements, we’re now dealing with overall categories.  Not specifics, so the category can be open to great interpretation and of course many hundreds of products could be considered.  Best Tech is clearly one such category.

So, what makes “Best Tech” in our eyes.  It’s not a device, or a product, it’s an innovation or a feature within a product that pushes that device up the tree as the Award winner.

We considered a lot of things this year, and there’s one that kept jumping out at me.  It’s a product that contains a feature that if it were on more devices would blow people’s mind, and in the same thought – when you show someone this they are blown away.


It’s the Lenovo Yoga Tablet’s built-in projector.

Not a new feature generally, they’ve had the projector for a little while.  But at IFA in Berlin this year I saw the new iteration of the product, in the Yoga Tablet 3 pro.


They’ve improved the projector, and the placement of the projector into the side of the device so it can now be much more easily pointed to any wall, or even the ceiling as you lay in bed.

Honestly, so damn cool right?

That to me is great tech, and to us, that’s the EFTM Best Award for Best Tech of 2015 – Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro.