Australian companies invented WiFi, Racecam and a bunch of amazing things, time to add the smart padlock to that list with Dog&Bone launching the world’s first Bluetooth controlled padlock.

My front door can be opened with my smartphone so why not the lock that keeps the kids bikes safe, or the side gate?


LockSmart and LockSmart mini are two padlocks which quite simply do not have a physical key!

Out of the box the setup is a breeze, you download the LockSmart app, press the button on the bottom of the lock and click “Add Lock” within seconds the lock is found and paired. IMG_2127 You can have multiple locks on the app and each can have a custom name and image to represent it. As is common on digital locks the key can be shared digitally too, so you can basically SMS a key to the LockSmart padlock to someone without ever seeing them face to face.

Perhaps a neighbour, the lawn mower man, a friend or relative – no matter what all they need is a smartphone and the app.

Security is tight.  You can choose a tap-to-unlock, passcode or fingerprint unlock mechanism alongside 128-bit encryption and the highest Bluetooth security standard.


With 100% charge you should get 3,000 opens before it needs a recharge.  That assumes you keep it in “power save” mode which means you need to tap the power button on the bottom before unlocking.


You do get notifications of battery status and can recharge with a simple USB.


The LockSmartKeyless Bluetooth Padlock has an 8mm hardened steel shackle and die-cast Zamak-3 Zinc Alloy body, While the  LockSmart Mini Keyless Bluetooth Padlock has a 7mm shackle and is noticeably lighter.


I found the activity log always empty, I would have thought even lock and unlock instance would be represented here, while on the large lock the rubber cover over the USB port was very hard to get all the way back in place.


Plus, there’s the issue of the missing Key.  You have to be prepared to go 100% digital here.

And of course, these are a bit more pricey than the hardware store $10-$20 padlock.  The heavy-duty lock will sell for $139.95 while the mini will set you back $109.95.


There’s no escaping it, the world is going Digital and this is another solid addition to the “Smart Home” revolution.

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