Not too long ago a portable speaker was going to be Bluetooth connected and deliver a pretty darn good sound for the little you might pay. Today, the variety is vast in both price and connectivity options, and the Samsung R1 (WAM1500) Wireless Speaker is just one cog in wheel of Samsung’s assault on this booming market.


In size alone this is a device that challenges the Logitech UE Megaboom, and on price it’s pretty darn competitive at just $250.

The Samsung R1 though is more than just a Bluetooth speaker, it’s also WiFi connected, which can mean better connectivity and control, as well as better sound quality.

Using WiFi speakers can allow a more diverse range of speakers to be setup, but in reality I think most buyers at this price are looking for a great speaker for a big room or outdoor area.


I found connecting the device to my WiFi network a breeze using the Multiroom app from Samsung, and at the same time streaming music was great too.

Problematically when using a WiFi connection you can’t stream natively from your Apple Music app for example, however the speaker did appear perfectly for me within Spotify.

If you use Apple Music or similar more often, then perhaps the Bluetooth connection is a better option.


The top of the speaker is touch sensitive, so a simple tap will pause or play your music, while a swipe one way or the other will advance the track back or forward.

Sound at all volumes was great, impressive to say the least when you pump it right up.


The cylindrical design is not new in these types of speakers and does certainly help deliver an all-round sound.

Overall, given the price, this is a great unit and highly recommended. This is the entry-level Samsung Wireless Multiroom speaker, so be warned, like all good audio systems, upgrading and expanding can get addictive:)