We have subscription services for many things now. Socks, razor blades, food and more can be delivered to your door on a schedule every month for a small fee. They are designed to save you time and keep you stocked. This new service is designed for men and contains a whole range of things, it won’t fit in your letterbox.


gentSac is a sack of goodies for gentlemen. Nothing else. No tongue in cheek here…

Available in a wide variety of options and sizes gentSac aims to deliver quality products from reputable brands at a respectable price. Since they do send you a sack of goodies, you do have the option to receive the sack monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly.


Various gentSac’s are available and contain products such as socks, razors, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant and more. We’ve been checking out the World’s Greatest Shave sack and while it contains stunning products to help me get my shave on, it also throws $20 from each purchase to the Leukaemia Foundation. That is one thing we can all get behind.

Now gents, if the prices scare you a little then share this link with your partner, friends and family – HINT HINT!