EFTM is all about helping you buy the right car, the right phone, cook the right meal and helping you make better decisions each day. One day that turns up every year is Valentine’s Day. February 14th. We have a few options that we know will be perfect for the day.


Books the easy way!

Buying a book for a loved one can be extremely daunting. You run the risk of getting one they already have or an author they hate. Bookabuy is here to help you with that. Sign up your loved one to a subscription service. They’ll receive a carefully chosen book every month to their door. Tell Bookabuy what books they already have, authors they like and the type of person he or she is and they’ll do the rest.


Flowers Forever

Sure you could spend a mint on roses this Valentine’s Day, but how about never ending flowers? Here is the EFTM tip; buy a pot plant. BUT – if your loved one isn’t a green thumb then add in the Parrot Flower Power. This little device will sync with their smartphone and let them know when to water, fertilise or relocate their new plant. This will ensure flowers grow and grow and grow. You’re welcome.


Food for the mood

Pleasing the stomach is one way to the heart… Feel free to correct that statement but it certainly goes something like that. A couple of great options we can recommend for that quick love bite is:

Oliver Brown – This chocolate lounge is in multiple locations and they serve seriously amazing share plates full of waffles, chocolate, strawberries and more. Their dark chocolate mocha is amazing and well worth a try.

Gelatissimo – This famous ice-creamery is also in multiple locations and they serve many… many flavours. They have launched two new flavours just for Valentine’s Day:

Persian Love Cake – Delicate flavours of fig, rose and cinnamon, finely balanced with an indulgent rose scented cake, and topped with pistachios. Decorated with figs and rose petals.

Raspberries n’ Cream – Creamy raspberry flavoured gelato rippled with a sweet, fragrant raspberry sauce.


These are a few simple and creative tips from EFTM. We’re not exactly experts but these are pretty much guaranteed to be winners.