The first commercials for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 have started to appear online ahead of what is sure to be an advertising blitz around the world – not least here in Australia, and they give a great insight into just what Samsung thinks will make people choose their phone this year.

Remember the Galaxy S5?  Waterproof?  Made for Australia – that kinda thing. It was a huge campaign showing the phone in a host of situations near water proving its credentials in times of need when the slip or trip meant a drip or more on the phone.

For some insane reason Samsung walked away from that with the S6 in 2015 in what will likely prove to be a year to forget.  This year, the Galaxy S7 has those features back, along with the stylish high quality design we loved about the S6.

Here’s one ad on Samsung America’s YouTube channel specific to the Water capabilities:

Then there’s this one pushing the low-light camera:

And to wrap all the features up in one long ad – here’s probably the best commercial Samsung has ever made:

You gotta say, the device, the features and now the advertising looks right to create a good feeling about Samsung in 2016.