It’s been around for five or six years in the states but only now is it available for Aussies to use – the Square Reader is a small, simple device that allows you to accept card payments in just moments using your smartphone.

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Available for $19 online and soon from Bunnings, Officeworks and Apple Stores the concept is simple. If you ever need to accept money – be it as a mobile small business or perhaps even a babysitter, you buy the device – sign up for an account and you can begin accepting payments almost immediately.

The catch – as with any payment merchant – is the fees charged. On Square, you’ll hand over 1.9% of every transaction – but for the inconvenience it’s almost more than worth it for many.

You don’t need to plead your case to the bank to become a merchant, you don’t have to hand over business records and transaction planning – you just buy the device.

Now some retailers would balk at the 1.9% because that’s higher than you can get with the banks. But for those who don’t have the business banking relationship and would be slugged more than 1.9% by another merchant – this is a compelling and simple product.

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The Square reader plugs into the headphone jack of your iOS or Android phone – it’s that easy!

Twitter CEO and Square Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said: “With the launch of Square Reader in Australia, we’re empowering local sellers with the tools they need to start, run, and grow their businesses. Our launch in Australia is an important step for our company and an exciting moment for a market so committed to innovation and an entrepreneurial small business community.”

Square’s Australian Country Manager Ben Pfisterer said, “We’re excited to bring Square Reader to Australia. Having been operating locally for the past year has allowed us to develop active partnerships with a wide range of businesses that have in turn helped us test and refine a range of exciting payment solutions designed specifically for the Australian market. The reception we’ve received has been overwhelming and reinforced our belief that there is a strong appetite for Square to launch innovative payment products in Australia.”

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The reason Square wasn’t able to be used in Australia before was the back-end payments gateway. For launch Square has partnered with “Cuscal” who provide all that back-end stuff and mean the money will slip straight into your bank acocunt!