Australia is the best country on earth, no doubt. We are however rather spread out and overall a country far from others. Many Australian’s make day trips from Sydney to Melbourne for work which generally means the early flight out, dressed for work and walking straight into your meeting. Sitting in your suit can make you nervous, what if you get up from the flight and you present at the meeting with creases on your outfit?


Statistics have shown that a growing number of Australian’s are also performing this act for international travel also, suiting up in Sydney for a meeting in Asia without a break. Unfortunately for us it means at least eight hours in your seat before arrival.

M.J. Bale has a solution for this problem, in fact, it is a solution for anyone who needs to pack/travel/wear their suit. Their 100% Australian Merino Wool suits won’t crumple, crease or crush. To prove this though they’ve sent one unlucky bloke through 20,000km of overseas travel in five days, across nine countries to see what happens. The unlucky chap had photoshoots in each country which clearly show the man deteriorating yet the suit looks actually fine every time. M.J. Bale promises that the images and garments were not tampered with or modified to impact the look of the suit, the man in question however probably would have loved a moment to freshen up!


The man in question is Tom Bull who said “Despite the hellish journey it took to get there, the suit still looks top-notch diverting attention away from the bags under my eyes and from me falling asleep on the shoot!”. CEO of M.J. Bale went on to comment “The images are raw and honest with no retouching to the model or suit, proving our claim you can crush the man but you can’t crush the suit.”


Because of the ‘memory’ within the microns of the 100% Australian Merino Wool, no matter how hard a gent wears an M.J. Bale suit, whether it is crushed, stretched, cramped, packed, slept in or walked in, the wool will always help it look and fit perfectly.

This writer is currently being fitted for one of these suits and we’ll be putting it to the test on our next long trip, soon.