While Telstra is in a spin recovering from the third (or fourth, or fifth depending on how you’re counting them) outage in two months – Vodafone are taking the cheeky approach of enticing Telstra customers to switch with a limited time offer.

Cheeky ads appearing on Social Media from Vodafone:)

Cheeky ads appearing on Social Media from Vodafone:)

Vodafone already has a couple of impressive offers for new customers which came about when the company realised they had to win back consumer confidence.

New customers have a “network guarantee” in place, which allows them to cancel their contract within 30 days if they don’t believe the network is serving them as they need.  It’s a no questions asked type arrangement which should follow some intense questioning at sign up about where you would normally use the service to ensure it will be right for you.

Additionally, new customers have a “Data WorkOut” option which offers two months of unlimited data for new customers on on 24 month post-paid plans.

But, that’s not enough for some people.  So with Telstra going through hell at the moment it certainly could be argued there’s never been a better time to look around.

Both Optus and Vodafone have invested heavily in their networks, so the question is why aren’t people trying them?  For the most part the answer has been Telstra’s reputation.  A reputation that is in tatters at the moment.

So Vodafone has gone one tiny step further.  For new customers switching to the Vodafone Network (read: Telstra Customers – but also any others), you can now get a month free if you port your number between now and the 29th March.

It’s a bold move really, because it can and will put the focus on the Vodafone network for those customers – but in reality – that’s exactly what Vodafone want.