A Canstar Blue survey of Aussie broadband customers has dished up some solid home truths about the state of our internet plans and the perceived value for money we’re getting from NBN providers.

In short, we love the NBN but we’re not sure it’s value for money.

A staggering four in five customers connected to the NBN agreed that switching was a good move. The problem is almost thirty percent don’t think they are getting value for money.

On both counts, it’s an overwhelming majority who are satisfied and happy with what they’ve done, and if we’re honest – there’s always going to be a percentage of people who just don’t see the value in any product or service – at almost any price.

There’s a higher price being paid too – with the average NBN plan costing $77 a month, compared to $70 for those on ADSL or Cable.

And the trap here could be the fact that almost half of the NBN customers surveyed are on unlimited plans – perhaps they’re paying more than they need to in the first place?

Substantiating that fact, 37% of NBN customers believe they can find a better plan with another provider, and 28% reckon they will switch soon.

The results all come from a Canstar Blue survey – which asked 6,000 households and broadband customers to rate their service provider on a number of factors, “including network performance, customer service and value for money”. The ratings were based on the responses of almost 4,500 bill-payers.

TPG was the big retail winner, rating highest of the NBN providers, with five-star reviews on network performance, contract clarity, value for money and overall satisfaction.

Main Image:Bidgee @ Wikipedia