Heading to the Snow this Winter? Rhino-Rack puts the gear on the roof

One of the problems with heading to the ski-fields to hit the slopes is you either need to spend a bunch hiring the required gear when you get there, or take your own gear up in the car.  That takes up a bunch of space in your car.

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Rhino-Rack are known for their on-vehicle accessories and they’ve just released a new Ski & Snowboard Carrier to ensure your gear sits outside the car – leaving space inside for your bags and your mates.

It measures just under 70cm in length you can fit 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards and that’s the stuff which takes up space and possibly headroom inside the car if you jam them in there.

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Key to the product is the easy-release locking system which should make unlocking and unloading a whole bunch easier and faster.


Plus, if you’re parked at a servo or have stopped for a coffee you can relax because your gear is safe with “Masterkey” security lock on board as well as a strong locking arm across your gear.

The unit fits a wide variety of roof racks so you won’t likely need a separate kit to fit it and the materials used should mean it won’t fade, rust or attract mould – plus it’s got a five-year warranty.

Post Production: Ideal Computers & Digital Studio.

Post Production: Ideal Computers & Digital Studio.

The Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier retails at $259.00

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