Some people thing personalised number plates are just a bit too much. I for one don’t mind them. I’ve got them – my initials and a number, that’s cool right? Of course you’ve seen our EFTM plates on the many cars we’ve reviewed here over the years too. But – what about the extreme – the big bucks, the high value plates?

Auction houses like Shannons will often have special plates listed in their regular classic car auctions – these things go for big bucks.

For example in Melbourne at the moment, they’ve got a price “guide” on a set of Victorian plates – white on black, three digits only – “925” – they reckon – $40,000-$55,000!

So, imagine how many millions the number “1” would be worth!

Well, as it turns out, you can search to see if plates are registered and on what cars they are registered to. For a bit of fun, we had a search.

The number “1″ – Last registered in 2001 on a “Gold Ford Sedan” – a 1981 sedan at that! Someone’s got those in the shed (or vault) ready for a rainy day.

Let’s look down the first “10”

2 – Registered now on a 2010 RED FERRARI 458 ITALIA COUPE

3 – Registered now on a 2010 BLACK PORSCHE

4 – Registered now on a 2015 WHITE TOYOTA RAWS IMPORT UTILITY

5 – Registered now on a 2004 GREEN BENTLEY CONTINENTAL SEDAN

6 – Never registered – someone’s little investment we assume


8 – Registered now on a 2005 BLUE BENTLEY SEDAN

9 – Never registered – again, holding on for payday.

10 – Registered now on a 2015 SILVER HOLDEN COMMODORE SEDAN

And a lucky number?

888 – Registered now on a 2014 BLACK LAND ROVER – Range Rover EVOQUE STATION WAGON

For a giggle?

8008 – Registered now on a 2013 GREY HYUNDAI IX35 STATION WAGON – the childish boys who remember school calculators will know what that’s a giggle.

What about letters?

A – Registered now on a 2013 RED FERRARI 458 ITALIA CONVERTIBLE

B – Registered now on a 2015 ORANGE MCLAREN MP4-12C CONVERTIBLE

C – Registered now on a 2010 GREY JAGUAR XF SEDAN

D – Registered now on a 2010 SILVER TOYOTA YARIS SEDAN

Ok, well having a single letter number-plate on a Toyota Yaris will just about do me! So with that, I’ll end my search with the finest of all the possible plates – or certainly the best of this bunch:


Classic Jaguar E-Type

Classic Jaguar E-Type CC BY-SA 2.5

Yes, a classic E-Type Jag with the Number Plate “E”. Love it.