I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a whole lot of tech companies are launching new products or product updates that aim to improve our eye-care and sleep patterns, the latest is BenQ and their WiT LED lighting.  And it looks fantastic.

From Apple and other’s night screen option on smartphones which take away the blues from your bright screen as you stare at it in the evening to innovations in e-readers the concept from BenQ takes it a whole step further to your overall desk environment.

BenQ WiT Product Photo_2

The average “lamp” shines a beam of light on a particular area – so for those with a lamp on their work desk, often next to their monitor there’s a bright light at the keyboard, but just that area so there is a high contrast to surrounding areas.

With its curved design and innovative LED lighting the WiT pushes light across your entire work space.

Man with WiT

Touch to turn on and with light sensors on board to deliver a more specific lighting to the area and adjustable light temperature are all features of the BenQ WiT.

Looks great, for anyone who sits in front of a monitor or enjoys a lean back and read experience under a lamp the WiT could change the experience forever.