It looked nice when it was announced in Geneva, but there’s something about seeing a car in the flesh – in real life, in front of you with your own eyes that really makes its impression on you.  Today, the stunning new GTC4Lusso was shown in Sydney, and it’s beautiful.


This was the first time the car has been shown in the Southern Hemisphere and the gravity of that was not lost on those in attendance. Australian CEO Herbert Appleroth was joined by regional CEO for Ferrari Far East Dieter Knechtel and by the man who penned the sketches of the GTC4Lusso Flavio Manzoni, Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari.

With Ferrari now handling its design in-house, Mr Manzoni has built his own team of talented designers.

Manzoni said “the Ferrari Design Centre is quite a new reality at Ferrari, all the recent models, starting from the F12 Berlinetta and La Ferrari have been designed in house.  I have been honored with the possibility to create from scratch an entire team of designers with great talent”



It was interesting listening to the chief designer talk about the car.  From the first glance you might think this is just a tweaked Ferrari FF – but actually it’s a whole new car.  “If you compare it to the FF, the predecessor you can easily see how lower the car looks, especially from them back, the back has been one of the most difficult parts of this car”


When you compare the GTC4Lusso to the FF you can see a more sculpted look, the side is less rounded, giving it a more athletic and even more sporty look.

Mr Manzoni also referred to the “sling shot” effect of the design, with the cabin so compact toward the back, the front being very long and the “tension created by the two elements”.

Hard to argue mate.  It’s beautiful.