Sure you’re lucky enough to own a Mustang, but gosh those black on white plates or heaven forbid the black on yellows don’t look so cool. And even if you’ve got some personalisation on your plates, does it really do enough? MyPlates have just launched two new number plates for NSW owners that will fit just fine.

Based on the “USA” size plates that have been available for a while, these Mustang plates have the iconic Mustang badge on them and the iconic Pony.


Available in Black or White and up to you how you customise them it’s the finishing touch to any Mustang, new or old.

As with all the MyPlates range, you can get your current plates re-made in the new style for a one-off fee of $295, or customise it for an additional annual fee starting at $102.


Here’s the new Mustang with the EFTM MyPlates on show:)


The MyPlates team have even got their creative juices flowing and searched the database to find some plates that are available right now (at the time of release anyway)

Here’s what they look like and their exact cost:

unnamed (2) unnamed (1) unnamed
$295 + $102 Annual Fee   $295 + $440 Annual Fee $295 + $440 Annual Fee
unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)
$295 + $102 Annual Fee $295 + $440 Annual Fee $295 + $440 Annual Fee

As always, they look great!