So you’re not an expert in the game of cricket, perhaps your kids are learning the game or you’re trying to brush up on the rules before the season – the home of cricket – the MCC have released an app that isn’t just a gimmick, it’s a brilliant guide to the game’s Laws.


That’s right, these ain’t “Rules” folks, these are the “Laws of Cricket” and that’s the name of the app.  Released by the MCC – the copyright holder and guardian of the Laws of Cricket, the original owners of the game itself before the ICC took control – this is the right and wrong of every aspect of the game.


Sure, they could have just put all the Laws into an app for easy searching, but they’ve done so much more.

In the menu alone there are “Laws”, “Animations”, “Quiz”, “Umpire Signals” – each a wealth of info for players and spectators alike.


The animations are fantastic, well made, they are voiced by the great Stephen Fry whose style suits the concept just perfectly.


If you’re an umpire the Umpire Signals will help you learn exactly how to signal everything from a Leg Bye to a Free Hit.


The laws themselves are broken into 42 sections and are basically a copy of each of the laws readable in the app but the great thing is you can bookmark sections to allow you to come back at another time and share with your team or just continue reading.

Then, you test your knowledge, with a Quiz.


Seriously, every kid playing cricket should have this app, as should the mums and dads taking on coaching of the local team.


Well worth a download, and it’s free on both Android and iOS