Just when you thought we had all the ideas under the sun to get you to think about looking around for a better deal on your mobile plan, low-cost postpaid company Vaya have launched a new “Price Beat Guarantee” that really should get your attention.

Sure, Bunnings pride themselves on “Lowest Prices are just the beginning” and there’s plenty of other companies looking to offer the best low prices, but who’s really checking.  In most cases they are bricks and mortar stores and require you to have a brochure in hand to get to the counter and prove your case.


Vaya have taken a pretty aggressive approach here, offering to match any price a competitor has on offer and give you a month free for noticing.

So, if you’re an existing Vaya customer, or looking to switch, all you’ve got to do is find a better deal – ring Vaya, and they’ll confirm the deal – offer you the same price and bingo you’ve got your next month (or first month) free.

And that deal sticks for life.  If you never change your plan – that deal is yours, ongoing.  Even if the original competitor raises their price.

Now Vaya might not be a company you’ve heard of, but they’re a challenger brand.  Now part of the Amaysim family after being recently acquired by the big name challenger brand.

Vaya's Maik Retzlaff & Jennifer Snell

Vaya’s Maik Retzlaff & Jennifer Snell

Of course, it’s not a walk in the park to get the free month – you’ve got a find a comparable plan – so the other carrier plan has to offer the same data, call and other inclusions exactly, but hey – keep your eyes peeled.

Vaya have set up a specific call centre with trained staff to handle the requests for price matching, so you’ll get your deal as quick as a call to Vaya.

The Vaya deals operate on the Optus 4G plus network, and they offer postpaid month to month deals – so when looking at your comparisons, they must be postpaid, SIM only, monthly deals. Go forth and seek deals folks.