Expanding their range of IP connected cameras, D-Link today announced their new Vigilance Full HD Outdoor Mini Dome Camera which not only works outdoors and at night, but has full 360 degree rotation.

Getting specific, this is the DCS-4802E and it packs full HD video capabilities with a “wide dynamic range” enhancement to improve the picture.

Motion detection so you won’t miss a thing, but the real start of the show is the 360-degree pan and 75-degree tilt along with 360-degree rotation capability.

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon said, “Consumers may well be observing a very deliberate pattern in the Vigilance IP camera product line since its successful launch last year. Put simply, D-Link recognises that an increasing number of businesses are seeking value-orientated, professional surveillance cameras that offer a wide range of features, yet are easy to use, hence the DCS-4802E now expands further the Vigilance series line-up. As a result of the success of these products and the continued demand for them we will continue to invest in this range with cameras such as the DCS-4802E.”


Infrared night-vision allows for vision up to 20 meters away in complete darkness and there’s no worries about where you mount it because it has an IP66 rated housing.

To reduce installation hassle, it has a single cable Power over Ethernet capability so just one ethernet cable to a PoE port and there’s no separate power required.


The DCS-4802E will be $349.95 and you’ll find more at D-Link or their range of stockists.