There’s nothing worse than seeing that battery indicator on your smartphone go red – the clock is ticking, time is running out, but you’ve still got things to do – instagram to check, tweets to read. And because we continue to push our smartphones to the limit each day, the battery just sometimes doesn’t make it – that’s why portable batteries or power banks were created!

But seriously – take a look at this one!


That’s right, it’s an EFTM Power Bank. This little baby is a 4400mAh battery – that’s enough to charge the latest smartphones on the market once and a bit more, twice in many cases.

And that black button on the side – right next to all the awesome EFTM logo stuff – press it, see how much battery is left, press it twice and the LED light on the end shines so you’ve got a torch to find the key or help get the key into the door!


What a great bit of gear.


But who are we kidding – it’s just another portable battery. We know that. We’ll probably give them away now and then with competitions, or randomly – who knows.

Can I buy one!?

Hell yes you can. SOLD OUT SORRY!In fact, I won’t lie that’s the entire purpose of this post. Don’t for a minute think we’re looking to offer you “lowest prices are just the beginning” or anything like that. We just figure that some folk are awesome, and we’re pretty clear here – there won’t be a paywall here at EFTM – not now, not ever. So, if you wanted to show your support for the work we do – why not buy a product that may have a bit of use for you and at the same time kick the tin a touch for us.


No pressure, no requirement – just an idea! Like we said, if you’re hanging out for one we’ll surely give a few away over time, but if you’re dead keen and you want to support EFTM, we’ll ship one right out to you!

$45 including postage within Australia seemed the right price. You can get something similar at retail stores for around $40-$50, so we reckon with postage, and given what you’re actually buying is priceless – well – works a charm:)

Hey – thanks.