We all see the amazing concepts that the biggest companies in the world showcase, and Touch-enabled tables have been something of a cool thing to do for many years.  Going back to Microsoft showing off the “Surface” which before it was a tablet was a big touch-screen tv/table.  So with the screen technology getting more widespread – just what will companies do with it – and how?


Aussie company Cruiser Interactive build software to allow businesses to bring a touch-table to life.

You could easily spend $14,000 on a touch-enabled table, and while that might seem high, often the capital cost isn’t the biggest barrier.  Instead it’s the concept of “yeah we have a table, but what the hell will with do with it?

Cruiser has software which runs on your PC to connect to the touch-table which could cost as little as $1,600 and can be updated and maintained all by the business without needing consultants or designers.


Of course for more customised applications like restaurant menus or interactive retail displays the price and application may change, but the key here is that there’s a little Aussie company battling with the big guys to enable this.

Speaking with the guys at Cruiser there’s real confidence we’ll see more and more touch-screen enabled tables in environments from retail, hospitality and in business over the years ahead.


They’ve done work with home-builders who can sit with a new home-owner to design elements of their home, or in an Advertising Agency where a team can gather around a table to plan or work through creative ideas.

It’s all very cool, and these days, it’s all very real – no longer the stuff of science fiction.