Some of the biggest car websites in the country will be scratching their heads at the moment as Gumtree brags about their dominance in the used car listing market – more than and which are renowned as places to find a car online.


The Automotive category on Gumtree is growing – with more than180,000 total live car listings across Australia (Gumtree data 7/7/16), everything from bush-bashers to Lamborghinis.

Gumtree say they are serving 7.1 million unique browsers each month (Nielsen May 2016 figures), a staggering number by any measure – and it’s probably why the car section is growing.


Most of us can’t afford a luxury BMW or even a brand new VW from the dealer, so going second hand is a great way to get value if you know what you’re looking for.

Take a look at this data Gumtree provided to EFTM on the car listings on their website right now:

Some premium car listings in the Top Vehicles on the site currently:  
Make and Model Number of Ads currently Avg Price on Gumtree Ranking (based on supply)
Toyota Landcruiser 2002 4914 $25,710 3
BMW 3 Series 1896 $14,386 16
VW Golf 1892 $14,703 17

And if you think you can’t find everything you’d want there – try these on for size:

Some of the most luxurious car listed on Gumtree currently
Make and Model Number of Ads currently Avg Price on Gumtree
Lamborghini 3 $291,759
Ferrari F430 2 $240,388
Maserati GranTurismo 1 $189,990
Bentley Continental 4 $187,360