In Los Angeles today Sony announced the date of availability for their much-anticipated Playstation VR system as October 13 in the USA and news for Aussies is just as good.

Australia and New Zealand will get Playstation VR the same day – or in fact earlier with the time zones – as America on October 13.

Pricing was announced in March and while $549 is a high price to pay to add to your games system, for what Playstation VR offers it’s a great price for those keen on PS VR.


While Microsoft hit hard at E3 with new hardware and new future hardware announcements, Sony declared Playstation “VR Ready” and went all-in on titles for the system ready for launch.


Unique PS VR games included Farpoint, Star Wars Battlefront and Batman Arkham VR.

Pleasing loyal Playstation fans, Sony also announced the return of Crash Bandicoot in October.

Don’t know about you, but I’m not available for calls on October 13.  I’m all-in on Playstation VR!