As someone who uses a phone more than the average user, drives more than average and sits behind a computer a lot, I’m pretty well qualified to review and evaluate products in those categories.  Plus one other – Beard trimmers. Yep, as a beard trimmer, it’s a specific field of knowledge.


This new Braun beard trimmer (BT 5070) is priced at just $89.99, but is more than capable at that price.

The trim length is adjusted using a simple twisting dial with 25 length settings meaning there’s a few extra choices between the digits on a traditional trimmer.


Perhaps more importantly Braun say they’ve improved the comb that guides the hair into the cutting edge.  The Phillips trimmer I’ve used to date has served me well, but has nothing on this for this simple feature.  Instead of thrashing around hoping I was getting to each and every whisker, the comb atop this Braun feels like it’s guiding the hair right where it needs to go.

It’s had a redesign to give it a more sleek look, and ergonomic feel to it, and the comb comes off easily with two buttons on the side.


My only concern with the unit is the smaller precision trim head.  I don’t know what the technical term is, but its the little 1cm trimmer that sides out of this one to allow you to trim perhaps above the lip and around your mouth – at least that’s where I use it!  The issue is it doesn’t come out enough or isn’t separated enough from the main trimming head.  So I was constantly worried I was going to hack into my beard with the main trimmer.


In the mirror I struggled to find an angle where I could see and guide the precision trimmer.  But I think you’d get used to it.

Overall though, love it.  Especially light and easy to use and a good consistent trim,.

As an added bonus, for those beardo’s out there, “Grooming Expert” Kris Jones from Sydney’s QT has a few tips for a good beard:

  1. Trim your beard when your face is dry – it’s easier to see a clearly defined line without hairs sticking to your face
  2. Ensure you have the right tools! The Braun Beard Trimmer has up to 25 different length settings as well as the NEW precision dial to help you be as precise as possible when your facial hair shape
  3. If you’re going for a closer trim, go against the grain. If you’re looking for longer stubble, move in the direction of the grain
  4. Use the trimmer blade without the precision comb attachment to create soft, natural lines around the cheeks, moustache or neckline
  5. Ensure that your stubble is trimmed every two to three days and the neckline is tapered giving it that designer feel


The Braun Beard Trimmer is available from the Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, Myer and David Jones and priced from $89.99 RRP.