I hate my hair. It wasn’t always this way, I used to love my long dark locks as a kid and had a wicked pixie cut when I was at Uni. These days it’s no longer funky it is thin, kinky (not curly just kinky) and frizz everywhere. And I look crap in hats. So I basically can’t go anywhere without my hair dryer and straightener. I need to spend at least 30 minutes blow drying and using the straightener to even look half presentable. So believe me when it comes to hair dryers I know my stuff. Which is why Trevor asked me to take a look at the Dyson Supersonic. I also suspected he is testing out a birthday present so he doesn’t have to go to the shops.


So I have to say straight up, pardon the pun, the price tag had me very sceptical. At $699 I figured it better dry my hair and make me breakfast to make it worth that kind of money. After using it, I do initially think it is the best hair dryer I have ever tried. My hair was super soft and not one bit of frizz. It didn’t take a massive amount of time and was pretty easy – first go!


Its biggest claim is that it has intelligent heat control so you can dry without heat damage. This really makes me excited. My hairdresser tells me my hair has been seriously damaged by my straightening obsession. So to know I could use this hair dryer every day without damaging my hair WOULD be worth the price tag. The problem is, you aren’t going to be able to tell this without trying it! We intend on giving it a few months trial and I will certainly be back to give an update.


Back to the review….when you are using it without the attachments it is seriously forceful. It feels a little like being in the back of a convertible going down the M1. But they are right, it doesn’t get hot. In fact you can feel it cool down and heat up as you are drying.


On to the attachments. Unlike a regular hair dryer the Dyson Supersonic has attachments that clip on using magnets. This does make it super easy to move them around while you are doing different sections of your hair. I did knock one-off when I was using it but it easily clips back on. I used the smoothing nozzle the first day and it gave a silky smooth blow dry. My hair was so soft and straight like I had used my straightener, but hadn’t. My hair also usually needs some sort of product to tackle all the frizz at the top but it was so smooth I could leave it as it was. It didn’t stay straight the whole day (but it never does) but it was very soft still that night.


On to some cons. They are excited to tell you they have changed the design so the motor is in the handle. I found it pretty heavy and kind of hard on my wrist so I am not sure I would call that an improvement. They also claim it is quieter than your average hair dryer. It isn’t. It is just as noisy as my regular hair dryer just a different noise (think more like the noise of a Dyson fan or those hand dryers).


Yes it did an amazing job so if money is no object or you are spending money on the hair dresser for blow drys every week it would be worth the investment. However, if it stops my hair falling out then I think it will be worth every cent. I will be back in a few months to let you know!

Update: I took the Dyson Hair dryer into my hair dresser Laura to try it out. She loved the design and found it was way more powerful than her dryers. However, she couldn’t get the heat that she gets on her regular dryers so my hair wasn’t as straight. If you want it dead straight you would still need a straightener. I have packed away my straightener and just using the Dyson to see if giving my hair a break from all the heat will mean less breakage and thicker hair! It will take some months to notice so I will be back with an update then!

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Dyson Supersonic hair dryer” rev_body=”If money is no object or you are spending money on the hair dresser for blow drys every week it would be worth the investment. A long term test over many months will determine if it’s value for the average user.” author=”Amanda Long” pubdate=”2016-07-05″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]