When the boys behind CarHood appeared on Channel 10’s Shark Tank they got a bunch of great publicity, a new investor and a whole new kick along which has Ford today announcing they are getting behind the venture with Ford Cars and Ford discounts for users.

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The concept is – as always – bloody simple. Instead of paying the ridiculously high parking costs at your local airport when you fly away, you leave your car with Carhood. Free Parking.

Of course your car won’t likely just sit there – the Carhood team will list your car for rent on its website and if it’s rented out during your trip you pocket 25% of the cash!

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If you’re away for a long period, there’s a guaranteed cash bonus there too.

As I say, simple idea – you let someone else drive your car while you’re away, and you make money.

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Don’t worry, you’re fully insured while they have your car.

How does Ford fit in? They’ve been talking for a long time about their move toward a global “Smart Mobility” movement, creating bikes, car sharing programs and a whole host of things around the world. This partnership with Carhood is their first such program in Australia.

They know the future will see fewer cars per capita on our roads, and the sharing economy – lets face it – is a bridge toward a possible autonomous future. Ford will be supplying new cars to the Carhood program in each of the Airports they operate in, and as an incentive for current Ford owners, you’ll get 10% off your own rentals, and an extra 10% of the rental fee when your car is rented out.

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What a cracking idea, and you can see on their website already some great Ford cars available – and at a glance comparing with major car rental companies the rental rates are more affordable.