Traditionally our headphones plugged into a jack in your phone or iPod etc. New versions of headphones allowed you to wear headphones without the cord connected to your device. With normal bluetooth headphones though, the left and right ear pieces are connected to one another with a cord or band, not truly wireless.


The latest innovation for headphones is now entirely cordless. One of the first is the Motorola VerveOnes+. These earphones are entirely just a pair of buds that sit inside the ear. They have bluetooth built into each bud to connect to one another as well as the music device eg iPhone. The VerveOnes+ have a small carry case that not only holds the buds so you don’t lose them, it also recharges your buds. With the case battery and the little batteries built into the earphones you’ll achieve close to 12 hours of listening time.


The VerveOnes+ are water proof for a few meters for 30 minutes but are useless for swimming, as they’re bluetooth. The water resistance though is useful for that gym sweat and cleaning under a tap. As an added bonus each bud also has a built-in microphone for calls. They’re great in an emergency but actually don’t deliver well as a hands-free option long term.

Using the VerveOnes+ is a very interesting experience. Removing the buds from the case is actually not easy, they are awkward to remove really. Once they are in your ears they then begin the dance of pairing themselves to one another and to your phone. This takes a little longer than most bluetooth headphones but this dance is with two partners remember. The sound quality once paired is rather decent, it won’t blow away audiophiles but it is just fine for music while running or at the gym. The VerveOnes+have buttons on the sides to play/pause/skip tracks but no volume controls, so you’ll need to manage that part on your device.



The VerveOnes+ is a rather unique product on the market at the moment. They help you entirely remove the cords from your music experience but we’re not sure there was so much of an issue with the left and right ears being connected with a cord. The VerveOnes+ appearing to be a solution looking for a problem, we don’t mind that they’ve done it but there is a little way to go before we could see ourselves investing in a pair. The VerveOnes+ are available now for $479.95 so you really should have a problem you’re trying to solve before considering them.