The problem with investing in some of the best audio systems or at least a decent set of speakers and amplifier is that if you did that a few years back, some of today’s technology probably isn’t in it. Aussie company Laser have a solution for that with their WiFi Adaptor.


All your speaker or sound system needs is an auxiliary port – with this adaptor you can stream music across your house to existing speakers or add them to a bigger multi-room setup with compatible speakers.

And at just $99 – a great Father’s Day idea.


It’s small, at just 105grams, and should sit hidden as part of your existing stereo. Laser have incorporated Qualcomm’s “AllPlay” chip into this, and other products, to enable them to form part of a bigger system if you want – allowing up to 10 AllPlay speakers at the same time on your WiFi network with no other hardware required.

You use the Qualcomm Allplay app on your tablet or phone and stream music wirelessly via Spotify or other services on the platform.


You’ll find the Laser WiFi adaptor at leading retailers and Laser’s own website for $99.95