There’s actually nothing hi-tech about the Toffee Combi leather bag – but for the tech-savvy it’s a great option for a professional and high-quality bag.

Some would call this a handbag, others a man-bag, I prefer modern brief-case – but whatever your take, it’s all quality.

We’ve looked at toffee accessories before, they are an Aussie company who make simplistic designs with a higher degree of material quality than many others, this Combi Bag may seem simple at first but it’s what’s inside that counts.


At the front is an open pocket where you might put your pens or documents – to be honest in the last month it’s become a spot for coins, headphones, pens and anything else.  Not quite big enough to fit all types of sunglasses but many would fit there too.


None of the pockets are accessible without unbuckling both buckles and opening the entire bag, which is probably the only important point to note if you are the type of person that want’s to reach over to the bag and grab your phone or something.


In the main area of the bag there is a large area for books or files and documents – I’ve even managed to squeeze in a couple of sandwiches ahead of a six-hour radio show so I haven’t had to carry a plastic shopping bag as well.

The laptop pocket at the back is padded and as with many toffee products doesn’t go all the way to the bottom so your laptop or tablet is padded and protected from those times you just kinda drop your bag on the desk or floor.



As for size, the pocket at the back fits an iPad with ease, I’ve primarily put the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S in there but the HP Spectre 13 inch fits like a glove too as would a Macbook Air.


I found it most comfortable to carry with the top handle as a briefcase, though I’ve kept the strap over the sides for over the shoulder/satchel like holding – the one thing I didn’t try was the backpack – just seems a bit hipster to me – but if you are a cyclist this could be the perfect way to get the bag to work but look a bit more professional when walking around rather than carrying a more traditional backpack.



Priced at $399 it’s at the top end of the modern accessory range, but the leather quality alone justifies the price and I doubt you’ll be at all disappointed.


Hassan and Natasha at Toffee put their all into their designs and their business overall – you know your toffee product will look great, feel great and will last a very long time – that’s probably the best thing about them.

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