This might be on the highly nerdy side of life, but I have noticed a lot of fitness trackers and other smart devices being worn by athletes at the Rio Olympics – one that really caught my eye? The big white watch on the left wrist of Australian Gold Medalist Chloe Esposito.

I spoke to Chloe for my 2UE Sunday Afternoon radio program today and she was still buzzing:

I did put my nerdy tech had on and ask her about the big white watch on her wrist.

As suspected, it’s a Garmin Fenix. It’s one hell of a top class smart watch, the multisport training watch has GPS plus GLONASS support for fast and accurate location fixing, a 1.2 inch screen easily readable in the sunlight, barometer, altimeter, compass and a whole range of features.

At $899it’s at the top end of the sports watch and smart watch spectrum.

No doubt Chloe makes a lot of use from the running and tracking features, and as she said to me on 2UE – she wore it at the games because she wears it all the time in training so why approach the Olympic event any differently!

So there you go, Gold Medal to Chloe – and I’m sure Garmin will be among many others looking to sign her up because she’s got a big future ahead!