We recently tested the Sony GTK-XB7 which we called the dance party in a box. LG are not one to allow that name to land lightly. The recently released FH6 Freestyler is all that the Sony offers… and quite a bit more.


The LG FH6 has all the features of the Sony and adds a few notable differences.

The FH6 has 64 lighting combos, the speakers, rings around them, strobes, different colours and more. Pair up to three different smartphones via bluetooth and take turns playing your favourite tracks. Record your own sounds and create samples, mix them into your tracks whenever you like. Turn on voice cancelling and connect up to two mics to get karaoke going. Oh and there is a turntable on top so that you can scratch or flang or phase or add delay. Basically, the FH6 will turn you into a DJ where you can be as involved or as hands off as you like.

Pair up to three devices

The other feature it adds over the Sony is an FM tuner. When the Hottest 100 on Triple J is on, the H6 will make sure you and the neighbours know what is at number 1. With the microphone inputs you’ll be able to ensure your speech is heard and with the addition of USB input you can keep your phone for phone calls and let your music library play on and on and on.

600W power - 4 speakers - Dual 8 woofers

Weighing in at 16kg the FH6 is not the sort of speaker you will be carrying on your shoulders or taking to picnics, the reliance on power will also keep it grounded. This is not a portable speaker. The other thing we love with the H6 is also the ability to connect it to your gaming console or your TV, while not a perfect surround sound system it will certainly add volume and oomph to your gaming or movies.

Double the boom, double the power

The FH6 is $200 more than the Sony so if this is a real consideration you’re going to be wanting the added features to make it worth your while. On sound quality alone you would struggle to split the two.

More info: http://lg.com.au/freestyler