The Olympics in Rio have only just concluded and it looks like Nespresso has been preparing for the most exciting thing to come out of Brazil since this. A new limited edition blend from Nespresso named the Cafezinho do Brazil is set to bring the spirit of the land to your lips.


In Brazil, coffee is deeply ingrained within everyday life, whether this is a warm welcome from a stranger, a catch-up with friends at a local café or a business meeting. Meaning ‘small coffee’ in Brazilian Portuguese, ‘cafezinho’ also represents a welcoming gesture made upon entering a home, to facilitate conversations and forge new connections.


To develop an espresso that captures the essence of cafezinho, Nespresso experts worked closely with Brazilian locals to discover the true cafezinho flavours and aromas. Local farmers discussed their current practices and demonstrated a specific Arabica harvesting technique to strip only the ripe beans without letting them come into contact with any earth to retain the particular flavour needed for Cafezinho do Brasil.


We’ve been busy sampling the Cafezinho do Brazil and quite enjoyed it as an espresso. Short, straight to the point and with a good flavour. With a rating of 9 it was a little more bitter than we may normally like but a dash of sugar changed that immediately. It allowed us to really enjoy the aroma and flavour, just with a sweet finish.

If you didn’t make it to Rio for the Olympics then now is your chance to sample the flavour and aroma of Brazil, from your home.

The Cafezinho do Brazil Limited Edition range is available from the 29th of August priced at $9.30 for ten capsules.