After a day of eating brisket, drinking beer and admiring the cooking contraptions of the competitor at Meatstock, we’ve taken some notes, carried home some pamphlets and now bring you our favourite cookers…

Gateway Drum Smokers

Likely the most industrial looking smoker, this metal beast is widely used in the BBQ Wars of Meatstock and turns meat (on three levels) into delicious, softly smoked goodness. The Gateway Drums Smoker claims to enable cooking of chicken in 30 minutes, ribs in 2 hours and brisket in 4.

Cost: $1595 here

Davy Crockett Smoker

Around the size of a portable BBQ, this smoker cooks low and slow in the old school way yet contains digital controls and even Wi-Fi for remote management and monitoring. The smoking box can be powered by mains, 12 volt or even with alligator clips for a car battery.

Cost: $949 here

Bradley Smoker

This unit could easily lead you to think it was a fancy outdoor fridge, what it is though is so unexpected. Using a feeder of biscuits for smoking, the Bradley automatically manages itself and then using electric heating elements to complete the cooking process. Likely suitable for those who want to stay as hands off as possible this is essentially the Nespresso coffee machine for meat smokers.

Cost: $1095 here

The Big Green Egg

Named exactly as it looks, this is an odd looking cooker. We saw it in action and learned in detail the many ways it can be used. This product could be the one that you use for BBQ, Roasting and Smoking. It is extremely heavy, built with quality materials and will only impress you. Don’t think that little one means portable, you’ll need days in the gym before being able to make it budge.

Cost: From $500 via a dealerhere