Optus has become the first mobile telco to provide the option to unleash streaming video services free from the worry of data limits with a new entertainment option on their postpaid plans.

While not a blanket “data free” offer for all, for those on the $100 and $120 “MyPlan” contract, you’ll get unmetered Netflix and Presto.

For those on lower plans, a new option at $10 a month will get you the unmetered streaming on your plan.  $10 is normally the cost of topping up your data allowance by 1GB, which is really just two hours worth of streaming, so if you love your mobile streaming, it’s very good value.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.19.01 PM

At the same time, the music streaming for Google Play Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify has been extended from prepaid to postpaid plans also.

This means that on a $40 contract, spending $50 a month you can have unlimited calls and texts, stream all the Netflix and Presto you want, stream all the Spotify or other music you want – and still have 1GB of data to use on other things.  Not too bad at all.