I knew I was heading down the freeway, onto some country roads for a decent road-trip, and I’d have adults in the car not kids, so we needed space, and we needed comfort. The Discovery D4 Landmark was the perfect option.


In a striking “Zanzibar” which I’d think fits perfectly in Olympic time as either a Gold or more likely Bronze colour we set off on a 1,200 km journey.


Make:Land Rover


Variant: SDV6 Landmark

Engine / Transmission: 2,993cc V6 Sequential turbo diesel

Vital Stats: 183 kW @4000rpm, 600Nm @2000rpm

Land Rover Claimed Fuel Economy: 8.8l / 100km

EFTM Claimed Fuel Economy:9.8l/ 100km

Price: $106,690 (As driven $115,330 plus on roads)


Wow Factor:This is a nice big car, it has a presence at the curb, and a presence on the road – it’s also bloody comfortable to drive. It floats over the road, floats over bumps and won’t give you any trouble on the open road, or the back rounds – and we all know Land Rover know their off-road too

IMG_7756Most Impressive:This is a 12-year-old platform, the D4 is now 6 or 7 years old – it’s basically in run-out mode. Land Rover have eeked every model, variant and sale they can get from the R&D that went into this car, so we’re expecting a new Disco later this year. That said, this doesn’t feel old. It’s luxurious and modern on the inside, all the bits and bobs you’d want and expect – it really bats above its average given the age of the underlying platform.


Least Impressive:If you don’t get running boards or side steps, it’s a bloody long way up into the Discovery 4. So when the kids were taking a ride, it’s a fair climb – but honestly, that’s about as picky as I can get. Plus, my dislike for the Land Rover touch-screen infotainment system remains. It’s good, but it’s a generation old now and they need to fast-track Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to modernise the experience.


The Sweeping Statement: Sure it’s over $100,000 but you want something different to all the other mums and dads, plus, you want the option to actually go off-road – but, you don’t want to compromise on the interior. Great space for all seven seats, well fitted out, every seat folds down individually, and in this Landmark edition we’ve got three separate sunroof sections, Digital Radio, TV, Great Sound System, Electric and Heated Seats – honestly, great to be inside.