With so many people carrying an iPhone around and with our obsession with new technology renewing our Telco contracts year on year and getting a new phone as often as we can – it’s little wonder all eyes are on Apple whenever they’re announcing something new.  Here’s how you get all the news from Apple’s “September Event”


To recap, we’re expecting an iPhone, iPhone 7 or I think the world will go into tech blogging meltdown.  The device needs to have a strong and almost exceptional camera on it to fight back from a year of advances from Samsung, Huawei, LG and others.


And we’re pretty confident it’s going to not have a headphone jack as we know it.  But don’t stress.  When you buy an iPhone it will still have headphones in the box, they and other new 3rd party brand headphones will have a “lightning” adaptor which plugs into the same spot you charge the phone.  Plus, there are more and more Bluetooth headphones on the market.


What time is Apple’s September event in Australia?

The event takes place 10am in San Francisco on September 7, that’s 3am Sydney time in Australia.  Apple Events normally last 1.5 hours so we’ll all be wrapped up by 5am for sure.

How can I watch Live?

Apple’s website has all the details on their Event Page which outlines the requirements which are basically you need an iPad, iPhone or iPod using Safari, or a Mac with Safari Browser.

Good news is that Windows 10 users with Microsoft Edge can also stream the event.

Apple TV users will find a Special Event icon appear which will give you direct access also.

How best to follow the key news?

If you’re lying in bed, or just getting up and want to know what you’ve missed – check our Twitter accounts: @TrevorLong, @EFTM and @YourTechLife for updates and news.  This is where you’ll get the short sharp key points including local Aussie pricing when it’s available.

For those who enjoy Breakfast TV, tune into The Today Show at 7.50am Sydney time – I’ll cross live to Lisa and Karl with all the news.

More of a radio person?  Cool – so am I!

I’ll be on the following stations during the morning & day with details live from San Francisco:

  • Bundaberg: Hitz 939 Breakfast
  • Cairns: SeaFM with Mark & Juanita
  • Townsville: Star FM with Lakey & Larnz
  • Gosford: 2GO with Paddy & Sarah
  • Wollongong: Wave FM with Travis & Mel
  • Sydney: 2UE with John & Garry
  • Melbourne: Triple M Hot Breakfast
  • Sydney: Triple M Grill Team
  • Nowra: Power FM with Todd, Emma & Sam
  • Sunshine Coast: Zinc 96fm
  • Ipswich: River 949
  • Geelong: KROCK with Tom & Josh
  • Perth: MIXFM Breakfast
  • KOFM: Breakfast with Tanya & Steven
  • Tasmania: Brian Carlton & Tasmania Talks
  • Sydney: 2UE Mornings with Luke Bona
  • Brisbane; 4BC, Brisbane Live with Ben Davis


Trevor Long travelled to San Francisco as the guest of Apple – Click here for Full details of commercial interests and disclosures