We’ve reviewed supercars from Lamborghini and luxury cars from Rolls Royce. Let’s be honest though, they’re cars the majority of us will never own. Here is a car for the majority, a car for the folk who aren’t millionaires and need a reliable car to get from A to B without a problem.

Photo Credit - Tobey Bostock


This is the Kia Cerato, it’s a four door, four cylinder, sedan. From the outside the styling from Kia lately has been rather fantastic. It is far from boring to look at, from the alloy wheels to the lovely front bumper design, it’s a well put together package. Walking around the car you’ll notice sensors on the front and rear and a reversing camera, one which actually produces a great image. The boot is large enough to fit luggage for a long haul trip, the backseat will seat adults comfortably and the front is a section that requires a whole new paragraph.

Photo Credit - Tobey Bostock

Sitting in the drivers seat the first thing you’ll notice is the surprising hug from the seats. The sides bolster you in and you feel secure. The view ahead is far and wide, the bonnet is well hidden and the front windshield feels higher and wider than most. This allows for amazing visibility while driving along with front quarter glass which allows you to see through the A pillars on each side. Looking at the steering wheel you have quick access to phone controls, cruise control and the stereo. Speaking of the stereo you have a touch screen display which is also Android Auto enabled. This allows you to take your Google Android phone experience to your car stereo for weather, music and navigation. No problem if you don’t have that style phone as the car is still equiped with a well designed GPS system, AM/FM radio and bluetooth audio.

Photo Credit - Tobey Bostock

Two 12V sockets, USB and AUX input

Driving the Kia Cerato is easy and carefree. While a little old fashioned now, you’ll stick the key in the ignition and turn it to get going but the automatic gearbox gets you off and running with ease. Driving the Cerato in the city feels nimble and small yet on the motorway at 100km/h you feel stable and confident. The Kia Cerato won’t win many street races but even with passengers in the car it isn’t too sluggish at all. Fuel economy is the cooler thing to brag about with this car, the Kia Cerato will sip on fuel taking you to your destination.

Photo Credit - Tobey Bostock

All in all this means a car capable of carrying a family, a boot big enough for luggage or a weeks worth of groceries with ease, an in car entertainment system ready for this century, safety features protecting you and others around you, all packaged into an inexpensive car with a seven year warranty. Any questions?


Most Impressive: Plenty of space in this small to medium sized car, in car entertainment with Android Auto

Least Impressive: No keyless entry or keyless start seems a little old-school now

The Price?  The Kia Cerato S Premium as tested will cost you $25,510 drive away.

Photo Credit: Tobey Bostock