The problem with these huge press and trade events like CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin is they show off products that sometimes never hit the stores in Australia.  In January at CES we saw the Family Hub fridge from Samsung, and today in Berlin they’ve confirmed it’s coming to Australia!

Family Hub 3

The Family Hub is a big fridge with a 21.5 inch full HD touchscreen in the door – why?  To become the hub for your home, your family and your grocery needs.

Family members can add notes, photos or other content to the screen from their phone or tablet, you can create a shared calendar of the family activities and even show artwork digitally on the screen.

Family Hub 1

Perhaps most revolutionary, you can use the touch screen to do online shopping right from the kitchen with Samsung Australia expected to announce a local supermarket partner in the coming weeks.

This is an exciting product because it’s not just an idea, it’s not just something for the USA or Europe, it’s coming to Australia – and remember that’s not just about shipping it here, they have to do a whole software version for our market so it’s a sizable commitment from Samsung.

Family Hub 9

Mike Lilly, Samsung’s Head of Home Appliances said  “Samsung will bring the connected Family Hub refrigerator to Australia this month.

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator builds on what a traditional kitchen appliance should offer with an additional platform designed to deliver convenience to the way we manage our households. Not only will it keep our food fresh while looking fantastic, it will give people peace of mind and the power to order food on the spot for delivery direct to their home. 

The Family Hub Refrigerator will enable management of schedules, communication between family members, entertainment through screen mirroring and in-built audio, and, through conveniently placed cameras, allow Australians to check what is in their fridge from their connected device, while they are out shopping for groceries.

For millions of Australian the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator will add an incredibly useful platform for where our households meet and help allow for easier management of our weekly groceries, meals and also act as a fantastic focal point.”

Family Hub

I look forward to trying it out, to see if this is in fact the future of the family kitchen.


Trevor Long travelled to Berlin for IFA 2016 as a Guest of Sony Australia – Click here for Full details of commercial interests and disclosures