Eugene Holdenson and Chloe Blattmann are two young Sydney entrepreneurs who have created a simple solution to a rather common problem – school lost and found.


You know the issue. Kids come home – one less had. In Winter – “where’s your jumper?” – left it at school?

Good luck finding out. You’ve got to wait till tomorrow to find out.

With RagTagD, every item of clothing has a small electronic chip sewn into it. Then, the school lost property unit has sensors that detect those chips.

When an item is placed into the Lost and Found “bin” – the item is detected, scanned, and the owner (or parents of) are sent an SMS.


Yep, you get a real-time notification of lost and found.

Simple, brilliant idea.

Listen to my interview with Eugene on 2UE Talking Lifestyle :

Great idea, has national, or international potential frankly!