The Galaxy Note7 is Samsung’s flagship mobile device for the second half of 2016 and just one week out from the announcement of Apple’s next iPhone Aussie Telcos have “paused” sales of the Note7 amid concerns about the products safety.

There have been a handful of reports globally about Note7 devices burning or melting, we’re yet to know fully if these are spontaneous or while charging, and it’s amid these reports and concerns that the Telcos have been forced to act.


Telstra said in a statement : “We are talking to Samsung to understand more about the reports and as a precaution we have paused Galaxy Note 7 sales.

“We will contact existing owners directly if we learn there is an issue affecting their phones.”

While Vodafone did the same: “Vodafone Australia confirmed it has paused sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while Samsung completes its investigation into reports of issues affecting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones globally.

Vodafone will contact customers if Samsung’s investigation finds there is a fault with the device.”

And Optus too : “Optus has made a decision to temporarily pause sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pending the completion of an investigation by Samsung.

Any customers with concerns about their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset can visit their nearest Optus store to discuss their  options”

It’s important to note, there have been no reports of devices with issues in Australia.


Samsung have said in a statement “Samsung is fully committed to providing the highest quality products to our consumers.  We are conducting a thorough inspection with our partners, We will share the findings as soon as possible. Sales of the Galaxy Note 7 have been paused while we investigate.”

This is a huge concern for the company, global reputations can be seriously damaged by these events, even if there is no direct issue with the devices, but in the interests of Safety, Samsung and the Telcos have done the right thing.

Apple has had it’s fair share of controversy over the years with the iPhone 4’s Antennagate, and iPhone 6 Plus bending dramas. Never have their products been removed from sale though.

You can expect this to be a swift investigation.