You know I love my DJI Phantom, but it’s a big beast, made for extreme conditions, high wind, high altitude, long distances.  But when you just want something to take some great shots of you or your surroundings the new Breeze 4K from Yuneec might just be perfect.

Australian pricing and availability should come within a month or so, but I’d expect this to be a sub $1000 drone, more likely between $700 and $800.

This thing is real, it’s on sale today in Berlin, and expanding globally – it’s not a concept.


It competes directly with the Parrot Beebop which uses your smartphone for control.  The Yuneec Breeze does the same.

There is no separate controller, no bulky weight either – less than 500grams in total, easy to carry in a backpack on a walk then capture a great bush walk or coastal photo.


Like many smart drones today, the Breeze has app modes for flight control too.

Pilot: In Pilot mode you have the most control of the Breeze. Using the traditional two-stick R/C control method, you can fly the drone anywhere around you manually utilizing the Breeze Cam app.

Selfie: In Selfie mode anyone can position the drone even without prior flight experience. Use the distance, altitude, and position sliders to adjust the position of the drone.

Orbit: In Orbit mode you can easily task the Breeze to orbit around you or another object. After positioning the Breeze, you can select orbit left, right, or pause the orbit at any time.

Journey: In Journey mode the Breeze uses the Selfie mode interface for positioning the drone. The camera pitch determines the angle the drone will fly at, and you can adjust how far it goes.

Follow Me: In Follow Me mode you fly the Breeze manually to the location you want the drone to follow you from. After setting its position, the Breeze will react to your movements and follow along.


I’ve gotta say, strong plastic construction, plus Yuneec aren’t new to this game, they know what they’re doing – this is a cracking little product – kinda think it’s perfect to have around as an alternative for smaller flights;)


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