A new iPhone and a new FIFA game arrives, whenever either is launched the question always arises; “Should I upgrade?”. The gap between the iPhone 6 to the 6S wasn’t dramatic. The gap between FIFA15 and FIFA16 wasn’t dramatic. But the iPhone 7 is dramatically different to the iPhone 6S, and FIFA17 is dramatically different to FIFA16. Yes, it is worth the upgrade. Stop here or read on to find out why.


We love to watch the football, international games and the aLeague. Being able to play a game that puts you in that team as a player or managing the entire team is just an amazing feeling. It compares to playing F1 and joining Ferrari. This is a fundamental joy found in FIFA games time and time again.

The menu system is largely similar to previous versions making it easy to get started. In a similar way we are able to play career mode as a player or as a manager. In player mode you can choose to create your own character or join as someone such as Lionel Messi. If you choose to be yourself you have access to so much customisation that enough effort would allow you to replicate your true look. As a manager the game is mostly unchanged however it allows you to really manage a team, build them up and take them through championships. The other great change to manager mode is now being able to create your own manager appearance, are you a tracksuit wearing manager or a suited up slicked haired manager, there are choices now. So far, you’re thinking this is not very different to FIFA16. But then you take the field.


The graphics in this game made us feel we bought a new TV. The detail in every area of the game is so beyond our expectations that it continually felt like it was still the intro video. Like any game the video you see in game is usually better than real game play. FIFA17 continues exceptional detail from the moment players walk onto the field beyond the full time whistle. Faces are recognisable, clothing is on point, the crowd looks like 1000’s of individuals and movement beyond the player with the ball is like watching a game play out on TV.


In terms of gameplay this is the part you’ll enjoy most in FIFA17. Movement from the player with the ball is far more advanced and with more ability and agility accessible at your finger tips, you can move the player in more ways than before. Further to that, all the other players on the field are also much more intelligent. They’ll find the gaps, help prepare set pieces, prepare defensive moves, attacking moves and assistive goals. We found that we were scoring more goal assists in player mode because our intelligent AI companions were ready for a cross, ready to take the shot and if we had a mate holding the second controller we might not need them to even help us play, the AI is that much improved.


In terms of things we didn’t like; some of the smaller leagues, for example with the A-League, we found players faces weren’t very well matched to the real thing. Many Western Sydney Wanderers players were barely the same to the real faces but when you looked at EPL or international players you would easily pick Rooney or James or Ronaldo without seeing their jersey name etc. The only other thing you may not like about FIFA17…. you don’t like football – and that’s kinda your problem.