No point dragging ourselves through the whole saga again right?  The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finished, done, no more.  Recalled.  And you’ll either get your money back, or get a new phone – which begs the question, which phone?

Here’s five ideas for you, taking into account we’re assuming you went for the Note 7 because it’s a big phone, sadly, if the Stylus was your thing, there’s no options as advanced as Samsung’s S Pen though an honorable mention for the LG Stylus DAB which does have the added benefit of Digital Radio.

So – here’s five options for you to haggle with your telco or retailer over.

Huawei Mate 8


It’s not a common phone out there, but it’s our top pick as an alternative. This will suit your screen size needs, at 6 inches it’s a beast.  Huawei make a great quality phone, their fingerprint scanner is excellent and there’s loads of software goodies inside to keep apps and data safe and the battery will impress for sure.

Google Pixel XL


This is the latest phone on the market – in fact, it goes on sale next Thursday the 20th.  With a 5.5 inch screen it’s a touch short of the Note 7’s 5.7 inch screen, but it’s a giant nonetheless.

Raw Google it’s the most “perfect” Android experience you’ll get.


iPhone 7 Plus


If you’ve been burnt by this whole experience (too soon?), perhaps you’ll want to switch to the dark side?  Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is excellent, 5.5 inch screen and a dual lens camera that gives Samsung something to aspire to in 2017.   If you can bring yourself to jump to Apple, you’ll not regret it.  And if you live in the Google ecosystem, other than apps, there’s lots of integration now with Google’s own Calendar, Mail and Photos apps great on iOS.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Popping down again to 5.5 inches, the S7 Edge will give you the “almost” Note experience, you’re missing the Pen, and Iris scanner among other things, but if you’re wedded to the brand, this guy will fit the bill.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


And if none of those take your fancy, it’s because you just love the note.  The Note 5 is still around, and while the number makes it look two years old, it’s actually just last year’s model.  Worth a shot?