An award for the Best Grooming will generally go towards a product, a shaver, a razor etc. This year, the 2016 award goes to a place that has all of these types of products however someone else will use them to make you clean and sharp.


When we first paid a visit to The Barber Shop in the new Barangaroo precinct we were very surprised, pleasantly surprised. It is a beautiful store with vintage touches. It doesn’t feel like a salon, you won’t hear Taylor Swift through the speakers here and you will feel comfortable in your chair – especially with a cold beer or glass of scotch served from their in house bar.


The team at The Barber Shop treat your hair with absolute respect and provide it the time it deserves to ensure that your haircut is the best you’ve ever had. A shave is done the traditional way and is set to be the closest you’ve ever had.

With fantastic service, an enjoyable and relaxing experience, plus access to some of the best barbers in the city we have no choice but to award The Barber Shop at Barangaroo with the EFTM Best Grooming award.