With Siri integration across third-party (non-Apple) apps coming as a result of the latest version of iOS (iOS 10) the race is on to find the coolest stuff Siri can do, and PayPal may be leading the charge with new payment integration with Siri.

To send money right now using PayPal you need your friends email address, you need to use the PayPal app or website and let’s be honest, it’s more than a two click process.


With Siri integration, it’s as easy as “Hey Siri, Send Trevor $20” – if you’ve got my email address, feel free to try “Hey Siri – send Trevor $100” – go on, Try it.


Peter Santiago, Director In-Store, PayPal Australia, said: “Sending and receiving money from friends and family has long been one of the most popular activities on PayPal. We are excited to make it easier than ever to transfer money on the Apple iPhone and iPad, giving users more freedom to pay with their mobile. The evolution of mobile payments into voice recognition technology is just another way we are helping Australians to access their money, anytime, anywhere. ”


All it takes is a good contact update in your phone to make sure you’ve got that email address, and the PayPal app.

Cool huh?