Another DAB+ Digital Radio announcement today, this time from Grundig.

The ‘ROAM’ handheld DAB is larger than the sister company BUSH’ ‘Walker’ unit I reviewed in June, and at $179 it’s a tad more expensive too.

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The Grundig ROAM DAB+ features:

  • DAB+
  • FM
  • Dual Line LCD Display (with Icons – Not sure what that means, but will let you know after I test it)
  • Joystick style control
  • Integrated Rechargable battery – 8 Hours playback
  • 30 Presets
  • Standard 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • 0.5W Speaker

They say the integrated battery is eco-friendly, I guess because you won’t be throwing any away, however I’d prefer just AA’s in there so I can add my own Eneloop rechargables, I’ve got plenty – but, that looks like the only detraction thus far.

Full review after some testing!