AussieTech battery packs with every adaptor built in – Power on the go.

We’ve got some pretty weighty batteries in our arsenal of on the go technology but there’s one thing that often brings it all down. The cable.


Enter these two little chargers from Aussie importer “Aussie Tech Industries”.  Available online for $20 and $34.95 they offer 2500mAh or 4000mAh of battery charge for your smartphone on-the-go.

Key point of difference is the included charging cable.

But it goes a step further.  The cable isn’t for one phone, it’s for two – or three


The three-day powerbank ($20) has a MicroUSB cable for simple charging.  But tucked inside the battery is an adaptor – for iPhones.  This adaptor pushes onto the MicroUSB and provides lightning power.


Simple, easy and it works.


On the credit-card sized power bank charger things are even more tricky.  Still one cable, one adaptor.


This time the adaptor is USB-C, but the cable is both MicroUSB and Lightning.

For $34.95 that’s pretty darn cool.


However, I found pushing the MicroUSB into a phone more difficult than normal, and getting the adaptor out seemed to bend the MicroUSB end.

Plus, inserting the Lightning / MicroUSB into your iPhone didn’t feel as smooth as normal either – and it has to be turned a certain way.


Frankly, I’d stick with the basic charger with an included cable – if you’re really careful that adaptor might last a while, but in your haste for power it’s more likely to be a problem down the track.

Good value regardless.

Web: Aussie Tech Industries


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