For those interested in tracking their fitness there are a lot of wearable trackers on the market.  But if you are looking to track an overall health goal or are training for something much more than just hitting 10,000 steps regularly you need something more.

That’s where the Under Armour HealthBox finds its place.  This big red box will set you back $399 – but inside are three key things to help your fitness or training goals.


UA Band

This wrist based wearable is a reasonably advanced tracker able to measure steps, sleep, resting heart rate and is designed to be worn all the time.


I found this thing to be one of the better wearable trackers I’ve tried, with excellent sleep tracking without needing to activate sleep mode and a good design to suit everyone.

UA Heart Rate

For those out for a run or cycle, a chest-based heart-rate monitor is a must if you’re trying to track workout intensity and more accurate ongoing heart-rate.

(Not me - obvs)

(Not me – obvs)

The UA Heart Rate pairs with your phone via Bluetooth so information is available at a glance

UA Scale

Perhaps the most important part of the HealthBox, these scales are WiFi connected and can detect different users and will display weight and body fat % each weigh-in.

Pounds huh... ok - got some work to do:)

Pounds huh… ok – got some work to do:)

That information is uploaded to the UA cloud to form part of your overall program and data

UA Record

All this information is viewed in the UA record app. To be honest, without this you’re better off buying a tracker and scales you like rather than as a package.


But the UA Record app collates all your data in one place making tracking overall health much easier.

For the health-and-fitness loving couple this is a great gift, for the individual this sets you on a path to data overload and that’s not a bad thing when training.


At $399 it seems steep, but for $199 you’ll get some scales somewhere, a good fitness band is $150 and then the heart rate monitor and app ecosystem kinda justify the value to me.

All the gear is made by HTC in yet another sign that company is moving out of phones and into developing hardware in other areas – and they do it well. The scales are a great design and work every time, the wrist band is also well made and easy to use.

Top stuff, for the fitness fanatic.  Probably overkill for a fat bloke like me:)  But I am enjoying tracking my weight – now that I’ve found the app setting to change from Imperial to Metric:)