Whenever we think of programming and as it’s now known “Coding” you kinda think first of the older kids, high-school for sure but even late primary school too. Well Fisher-Price have taken kids toys to the next level with coding for preschoolers.


All those kids toys are meant to be educational, but sometimes you can’t quite see how they are or what they are teaching. Enter the Code-a-Pillar. An interactive toy from Fisher-Price teaching the basics of block coding.

Yep, each part of the Code-a-Pillar is essentially a line of code.


The head is the RUN command, while each of the blocks behind can be interchanged to create a pattern of code.

There are basic “move forward” commands, and there are turns, twists and even sounds.

In the pack is a green and red plastic dot you can place on the floor, representing the start and finish for the Code-a-Pillar – the challenge for the little ones is to get it there.


They aren’t meant to get it first go – but with a bit of trial and error, it’s amazing to watch them get it.

My 5-year-old Harrison just loves it.

I set a challenge, he gets going.


With additional code blocks you can buy separately there are more advanced things to do like repeat (loop) or longer turns.

It’s great to watch, is genuinely educational. Already after just a day Harri was working with Loops (repeat code) to get past a lack of blocks.


At $69 (Discounted price from RRP of $99) it’s a great way to get the youngest kids learning coding basics.